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ICPC WF 2020, Problem C. Domes

Solution and explanation for Problem C. Domes from the ICPC World Finals 2020, along with the implementation.


[CP] Approaching Geometry Problems

November 08, 2021

This week, I will be hosting a session on Geometry at the IIIT-H programming club, where I plan to discuss a few techniques and problems.

At first sight, computational geometry might seem very hard and intimidating. But once you familiarize yourself with some basic tools and tricks, you’ll become a geometry expert! Let’s break the myth “geometry is hard” together!


[Haskell for CP] Solving an interactive problem using laziness

Haskell is an interesting and beautiful language for many reasons. One is laziness, which lets us write very elegant computation recipes.

I will attempt to solve an interactive CP problem from a recent codeforces contest - Guess the K-th Zero.


[Haskell for CP] Exploiting laziness for memoized DPs

In this blog I attempt to solve the Partition Problem using Haskell. The key is to utilize laziness to cleanly express the standard dynamic-programming solution for the problem.


[Haskell for CP] Some Basic Problems

This week I will be discussing a couple of basic problems: Repetitions and GCD on Blackboard


[Haskell for CP] Knapsack DP reinvented

Here is the problem Money Sums that I shared in my last blog

You have $n$ coins, with values $x_1, x_2 \ldots x_n$. You have to find all possible totals you can form with them.

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